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Detroit60 has been servicing special interest clients from around the world since 1998.  Our speciality is classic cars.  Not just any classic car, but a select mix of premium top end American Muscle with an emphasis on attention to detail.  All of the cars on our website consist of hand selected, turn key cars that range from low mile originals to complete frame-off restored examples. As well, we have a full service team that takes care of all aspects of your car purchase from the necessary paperwork, through to delivery and beyond.  Our goal is to earn your business based on our mutual passion for classic cars and our commitment to provide you with the best service and the highest quality car for your money.  Call us today at (604) 617-2225 or email us at
Hours:  Monday - Saturday 9am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.  Closed Sundays
Steven Drew:  Marketing / Sales  Phone: (604) 617-2225                                 

I believe a classic car should mean to our everyday lives, whether it's a Mustang convertible, a rare factory musclecar, or your idea of the ultimate classic car. The experience of purchasing a classic car has to be one that leaves you feeling that your dreams have been fufilled. Attention to detail,  world class cars and customer service second to none is our absolute promise to you. If you have any questions , feel free to contact me."

Gary Stiles


Re: 1970 Torino Cobra Grabber Green July/ 2022
Gday Gary.
Guess What?
It's arrived at my house and is now safely tucked away in my garage.Thank you for all of your help and also the accuracy in the description of the car. please pass on my thanks to Dan for his excellent stewardship of the Cobra. Also I'll do my best to keep her on the road for many years to come! Regards Craig.

Craig R
Brisbane Australia

Re; 66 Chevelle Super Sport Feb/22/2022
I spotted a nice Maroon colored 66 Chevelle SS on the internet at Detroit60 and decided to pursue a purchase. After some phone contact and a walk around video I purchased the car. The car arrived to me within 5 days and was in perfect condition as described to me on the video. Stand up guys.

Jared Fisher
San Diego CA.  

Re; 67 Mustang Convertible April/18/2022
I recently bought a Mustang Convertible (April this year) from Gary at Detroit 60 and it turned out to be a great experience all around, After recieving the car from the transporter, I drove the car 10 miles on a rare April sunny day to my home in Seattle and the car drove perfectly, even the original AM radio worked. Enjoying my new ride!
Ryan Mcleary
Seattle WA.

Re; 980 Camaro Z/28 May/1/2022
I bought a Black 80 Z/28 from detroit 60 and was very happy with my purchase and the purchasing process. The car came to me in flawless condition the following Tuesday as described to me with all of the customs paperwork from Melanie and related documentation presented to me by the transport driver. Good work.
Chris Timmons Sr.
Rochester NY.

Re; 69 Charger R/T March/2/ 2021
I was looking for a restored 68 or 69 Charger R/T and after searching at a couple of dealerships in my area I was getting no where. I came across a Hemi Orange 69 Charger on Detroit60 and after  they offered the condition, history and a video of the car I purchased it. The car arrived to my door a week later and it was as perfect as described. PS; Can you tell Melanie to send the paperwork direct to my office thank you.

Larry Sears
Denver CO.

Re; 66 Mustang Convertible April/2/2021
Hi guys I picked up the Mustang last week from the port of Bremerhaven and all is good. After looking over and driving the Mustang I have nothing else to say but thank you for selling me this beautiful car! Talk soon.

Jurgen S
Frankfurt Germany

Re: 71 Plymouth Cuda May/2/2020
Just to let everyone know that the Cuda arrived here in Columbus on Friday, Thanks out to Gary for listening to my needs and getting things done fast without any issues. Excellent service and an outstanding car as promised. All I need now is some warm weather!

A. Worthington
Columbus OhIo

Re: 66 Nova Super Sport June/19/2020
Thanks guys for making the exploration and decision making process easy. Thanks for including all of the restoration records for the car and the Nova was like new as described when it rolled out of the transport truck Thursday morning. Take care.

Jan Hansen
Kitchener Ontario

Re: 67 Chevelle SS Plum Mist Sept/4/2019
Picked up the Chevelle on Monday from the Port of Rotterdam and drove it straight home that day! Beautiful machine and like new, perfect in every way as you described. Thanks for all the documentation and pictures that were in the trunk as promised. Now looking for a 63 Corvette to ad, so let me know when you get one in. Best wishes to you!

Andries Heyer
Amsterdam Netherlands

Re; 1965 Milano Maroon Corvette Ap/9/2019
Thanks Gary for holding on to the Corvette for me and I couldn't be more happy with the car! If anyone I know is looking to buy a classic car, I would be more than happy to send them your way.

Cam Rhimes
Los Angeles CA

Re: 1968 Mustang Convertible Mar/12/2019
I was searching for a Blue on Blue 68 Mustang Convertible and came across a beauty on the Detroit60 website. After a couple of phone calls and some negotiating I had the car in my driveway in seven days. Everything I requested was taken care of with no stories and the car arrived to me in perfect condtion as described. Well done.

Rob Rochelau
Bend OR

Re: 1970 Road Runner  Dec/12/2018
Hi Guys. The Road Runner arrived yesterday and I have to say it looks incredible as described. Also thanks for over nighting the documents and restoration receipts a promised. You are welcome to copy and paste this recommendation.

Alden Smith
Houston TX.

Re: 1966 Mustang Convertible Nov/3/2018
E mailing a thanks out to everyone at Detroit60. The customer service you gave me was outstanding through to the transport of the Mustang to my door in a timely manner. Everyone was nice and informative and I will definately be coming back when I am in need of another  Classic car. Talk to you soon.

Matthew Long
Tampa FL.

Re: 66 Mustang Convertible  Jan/16/2018
I initially went to Detroit60 with the intention of seeing what they had availlable and ended up buying the car of my dreams, a bright red 66 Mustang GT Convertible. I have to say that I was very satisfied with the service I received and the car exceeded my expectations on all levels. I can't think of any way I could be more satisfied with the overall buying experience. Thanks Guys!

Johner Landrus
Orlando Fla.

Re: Sunbeam Tiger  Jan/29/2018
Just received my Tiger from the transport company Saturday and wanted to send this letter to thank everyone at Detroit60 for selling me this beautiful car! A shout out to everybody on your staff for being attentative and direct with my needs on what I wanted in a 65 Tiger. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Scott Fay
Dallas TX.

Re: 66 chevelle October/20/2017
I went to Detroit60 on a lead from a colleague to look at a Burgundy 66 Chevelle they had for sale. I called a few days ahead of time to get all the information and book a time to see it in person. It was perfect as described so I subsequently purchased the Chevelle and I'm very satisfied with the car to say the least. Everyone did a lot to meet my needs so overall a 5 star experience.

Dave Macsween
Toronto Ontario

Re: 1966 Mustang Convertible  October/2/2017
My Wife and I attended one of the larger classic car dealers in our area without any success so we decided to shop around and came across Detroit 60. The Mustang we saw on the website looked perfect and had all of the right combination of options we were looking for. The buying experience was top notch from the condition of the car all the way to the sale and follow up after the fact. Well done and you can rely on us for many references in the future!

The Miller family
Charlotte N. Carolina

Re; 1970 FC7 Charger R/T July/20/2017
I went Charger shopping at the beginning of the year and came across Detroit 60 via friend's recomendations. The purchase process was a breeze and it's not an exaggeration to say that  this is the nicest classic car I've ever bought. Would 100% recommend.

D. Burkard
San Diego, California

Re: 1965 Mustang Convertible  April/22/2017
A great list of cars with details is what initially lead me to Detroit60. I had been looking for a nice 65 Mustang Convertible for at least 2 months going from one place to another and finding the quality of cars not up to my liking. When I decided to contact Detroit60 to inquire about a Mustang Convertible listed, they were able to to address all of my concerns and after the purchase the car was everything they said it was and more. I look foward to doing business again in the future, many thanks.

Peter Bale
Birmingham, UK

Re: 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A  May/5/2017
I just wanted to send a brief E mail to tell you how happy I am with my T/A and yes, it's a beauty as described. I've purchased a few Classic Cars in my time and I have to say this was by far the best experience I've had to date. Thank you for setting such a high standard, it really makes a difference. 5 Stars!

Ethan Logan
Baltimore, Maryland

Re: 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Sept/22/2016
This is in reference to the  69 Roadrunner I purchased from Detroit60 in September. I want to thank everyone for the beautiful car and the great service they provided. Both were outstanding. Thanks again and I know where I will be shopping for a classic car in the future.

Ryan Pete
Houston, TX.

Re; 1971 Plymouth Cuda Sept/7/2016
We just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that we received the Cuda onTuesday and we love it! It looks even better than it did in the pictures on the web and it drives like a new car. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Don& Linda K
Los Angeles, CA.

Re: 1973 Dodge Challenger  July/14/2016
I picked up the Challenger on Tuesday and I'm loving every minute of driving it! I've purchased a few classic cars in my time and I have to say that this is the nicest one by far. Thank you for the beautiful addition to our family. Many thanks, Frank.

Frank T.
Columbus, Ohio

Re: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro May/11/2016
Appreciation to everyone at detroit60 for being straight forward and professional in selling me the excact Camaro I was looking for. All of my questions were answered and everything was organized and laid out for me without any added fees. And to top it off, my car was delivered on time and in perfect condition as advertised. Well done.

Jeremy Fischer
Phoenix, AZ

Re: 1965 GTO March/28/2016
Just a quick note to thank you again for all the extra care you took with our  purchase of the GTO. You always kept your patience with us and made sure you provided us with great customer service and it's deeply appreciated. I am including with this thank you a few pictures from the Good Guys National car show in Del Mar Ca. Our 56 Bel Air won the Tri Five Chevy trophy and we look forward to next year when we show the GTO and hope to win muscle car of the year in 2017! Thanks again for everything.

Barb B.
Corona, California

Re; 1972 Plymouth Cuda  Feb/6/2016
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Detroit60 and that I received the Cuda yesterday. I had an opportunity to drive the Cuda onTuesday and what a perfect car, yes even the key buzzer works. Can you also send my thanks to Ideal for the paperwork and prompt delivery of my car. All of your efforts in selling me my dream car  were very much appreciated!

Robert Paschal
Long Beach, California

Re; 65 Shelby GT350 Tribute  Nov/18/2015
Last week the Mustang GT350 in White arrived in Sursee. Thank you for a really great car!

Markus N.
Sursee Switzerland

Re; 65 Mustang Convertible Oct 2/ 2015
I just picked up my Mustang from the Port of Rotterdam and I have to tell you it's beautiful! What a perfect car. Keep up this type of workmanship!

K. Alsteen
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Re; 66 Mustang Convertible Oct17/2015
After visiting a couple of Classic Car dealerships in my area with no success I took my search to the net and was connected to Detroit60. From our initial meeting on the phone to the transport, everything was handled professionaly and the Mustang was perfect as described. Thanks out to Steven and the entire staff and continued success!

D.L Richardson
Asheville N. Carolina

Re; 1971 Roadrunner Nov 5/2015
I wanted to thank everyone at Detroit60 for everything you have done to get me into my Roadrunner. It was worth the drive up to see the car and as it turned out the car was by far the nicest  out of all the ones I had looked at. You can ad this testimonial to your website.

J. Martinsen
Portland, Oregon

Re; 1966 Mustang Convertible GT, July/ 2015
My 66 is polished and only out on sunny days and it's a traffic stopper! Best purchase I've made in years. I have a friend who wants to buy a GTO so you might have another sale up to Nantucket. Thanks and take care.

Barry D.
Nantucket, MA.

Re; 65 Mustang 2+2 GT,  March 12/2015
We had done alot of shopping on the phone, internet and in person for the right 65 Mustang. We came across a beautiful 65 GT at Detroit60 and everything on the car was done perfectly and we subsequently purchased the car. The car arrived to us in "pristine" condition as described and an added thanks out to the staff for going above and beyond in overnighting the documents as per our request. Well done!

Ken and Emily S.
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Re; 66 Mustang Convertible  May 3/ 2015
Great service, beautiful car and treated very well!! Greatly appreciated, thank you.

Lucas G.
Gothenburg, Sweden

Re; 66 Mustang Fastback GT, Jan 5/2015
I would like to thank everyone at Detroit60 for the interest and effort that was put in to selling me the "ultimate 66 Mustang Fastback GT" The transport company arrived with the Mustang within the time frame given and the car was gorgeous (almost too nice to drive!) The entire buying experience was seamless from start to finish. 5 stars across the board.

Rob Sebesten
Jacksonville Fla.

Re: 66 Mustang Convertible GT, August 5/2014
We recently purchased the car of our dreams, a 66 Mustang GT convertible. After many days and hours researching we found what appeared to be the nicest 66 convertible at Detroit60. As it turned out we could not have been more satisfied with the entire buying experience at Detroit60 with the car being delivered on time and was as perfect as advertised on the website. Kudos to everyone at Detroit60 you've earned long term clients!

Jim and Lynn Foster
Springfield, MO.

Re: 65 Mustang Fastback, August 21/2014
Thank you very much for the really nice Mustang Fastback! We received this beautiful car  this week and I really want to say thank you for selling me such a perfect car! Thanks and kind regards.

Markus N.
Sursee Switzerland

Re: 1967 Mustang GTA, August 7/2014
Ron delivered the GTA Tuesday morning and wow what a beauty! I really appreciate your honesty and all the assistance you gave me to make the deal happen and also getting the car shipped to me safetly with no issues. Hats off to everyone at Detroit60, a job well done.

Steven Demarco
Oshawa Ontario, Canada

Re: 1965  Mustang Fastback GT, August 15/2014
I would like to express my thanks for such a great car buying experience. The entire team at Detroit60 went above and beyond my expectations and the Mustang was as "pristine" as presented on the website. Add me to the list of long term customers.

Doug Benoit
Costa Mesa, CA.

Re: 1965 Iris Mist GTO, July 12/2014
The GTO arrived and the car is everything you said it was and more.  Just fabulous.  Feel free to use me as a reference for future customers.  A great buying experience.

Ted B., Plano Texas

Re; 68 Mustang Fastback GT, June 9/2014
Larry D., White Rock, B.C.  Another satisfied Detroit 60 customer.

Re; FY1  70 Swinger  April/14/2014
Hi Gary, Ron arrived with the Swinger last Wed/9th and I have to say that the car looks terrific! Thanks out to everyone for being so patient and accomodating from beginning to end and including the extra documentation and mats as promised.

Matt C Jardine
Pensacola, Fla.

Re: 1970 Olds 442 W30 March/12/2014
Excellent service from start to finish! Everything from my initial inquiry via your website to shipping the car to me was handled very professionaly. I've had many of classic cars in my time but this 442 is the best ever. A customer for life.

Dale McConville
Arlington, TX.

Re: 1965 Ivy Green Mustang Fastback Jan/2014
Picked up the car in Rotterdam and drove it to my place which is 65 miles. Amazing car, the Fastback is a 100% copy past the pictures on your website, very, very nice car. Very good handling for an old lady, a real cruiser. I will certainly recommend your company!!!

Dirk W.
Antwerp, Belgium

Re: Orange 69 Dart Swinger Jan/14/2014
I recently purchased a 69 Swinger from Detroit60 in January and wow what can I say, the car was fantastic! The car arrived from the transport company in the week scheduled and in perfect condition.This was my second car purchased from Detroit60 and was very satisfied with the product and service on both occasions. 5 Stars.

Nicholas Leblanc
Columbus, Ohio

Re: 66 Mustang Fastback Jan /4/2014
I would like to send a thanks to the staff at Detroit60 for your input during my search for the perfect classic car. I had my sights set on an early Mustang Fastback and you made it happen for me. The car was perfect as described and although the car is 50 years old,  it feels like a brand new car! Everyone took the time to explain the small details and made the process of purchasing my car easy and transparent from start to finish. An all around excellent buying experience!

Brian Glenn
Salem, Oregon

Re: 71 Challenger R/T 10/8/2013
Thank you for your professionalism and your extreme dedication to me, for the good co operation and support in connection with the sale/purchase of the Dodge Challenger. I am looking forward to continue doing business with you in the future!

Best Regards;
Daniel S.
Zurich Switzerland

Our Blue 1967 S Code Mustang Fastback arrived in August to a happy customer in Switzerland.  Thanks for the picture Peter.

Re: 68 Blue S Code Mustang Fastback March/7/2013
Just to let everyone know that I received the Mustang in perfect condition as stated on the website. I really appreciate the service and assistance you gave me throughout the entire sale and if you need a reference I  would be happy to give your company the highest praise. Keep up your excellent work!

Adam Penrose
Phoenix, AZ

Re: Red 67 Mustang Fastback Jan/11/2013
After spotting what seemed like the exact Mustang GT I was looking for, I booked a flight to Vancouver Canada to see the car in person. The car was "perfect top to bottom" as described and was an amazing find compared to the other Mustangs I viewed at the dealerships in my area. Also allowing me to test drive the car was much appreciated! From start to finish everyone at Detroit60 cars was courteous, professional, thorough, and just plain helpful and I was actually home driving my beautiful Mustang the following week. Detroit60 knows what good customer service means.

Matt Fischer
Charlotte, NC

Jason S. from Austin, Texas. Another satisfied Detroit 60 customer.
Tahoe Turquoise 67 Chevelle SS, February 8th, 2013

Re: 67 Plum Mist Chevelle Oct/29/2012
I would like to thank you so much for all your help with the purchase of my Chevelle. Everyone at Detroit60 was straight forward in answering  all my questions with integrity and honesty and I also appreciate the accurate description given to me of the car as it was everything as described and then some. You guys really put in the time and effort to make this deal happen for me and for that please accept my thanks.  A 10 out of 10 all around and I would recommend Detroit60 to anyone looking for an exceptional car buying experience.

Raymond D.
Los Angeles CA.

Re: Green 68 L78 Chevelle Aug/12/2012
I was on a search for what seemed like forever for a nicely restored and documented 68 L78 Chevelle. I had looked at a few so called "restored" cars but nothing came close to my expectations. I eventually came across a Verdoro Green 68 L78 at Detroit 60 that looked like what I was searching for and after contacting them, I was on a plane to Vancouver to see the car. After viewing the Chevelle it was exactly what I was looking for with everything gleaming top to bottom like a new car. To make a long story short, I purchased the Chevelle and couldn't be happier with the car. Thanks out to Detroit 60 for selling me the car of my dreams!

Joel Cranstad
San Jose CA.

Re: 1965 Maroon Corvette Coupe  June/ 1/ 2012
I thought I would send you an Email to inform you that the Corvette arrived to me Friday morning. Its "gorgeous" as described and after a week of ownership I have to say that I'm loving the car! A big thanks out to everyone at Detroit60 for a very satisfying classic car purchase.

Gordon Hudson
Cincinnati OH.

Re: 1970 Superbee  Feb/6/2012
I just wanted to drop everyone a very quick line to say how happy I am with my Superbee. This is my second time buying a car from Detroit 60 and again I was able to find the exact car I wanted for what I felt was the best quality car compared to what I had seen at the other dealerships. You and your staff are a cut above the rest in my books.

Jim Hayward Sr.
Moreno Valley CA.

Re: 1970 GTO convertible  April/11/2012
Thanking everybody at Detroit60 for an outstanding buying experience. Right from start to finish we were impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of everyone on your team. We were contacted after the sale to confirm that the GTO arrived safetly and that we were satisfied with the car. The car was as perfect as you said it was and the end result of our purchase was a happy one!

Paul and Marnie Stansfield
Fort Worth TX.

 Re: 1970 T/A Challenger Dec/7/2011
Just to let you know that the transport company delivered the Challenger on Tuesday and it arrived in perfect condition. The driver presented me with the paperwork and thanks for including the original dealership brochures with the car as promised. As I said to you over the phone I own 2  show quality AAR Cudas but I'll have to say that this T/A Challenger is the best of the group. A pleasure doing business.

Grayson Phillips
Dallas TX.

Re: 1966 GT350 Replica Nov/16/2011
I don't usually write letters to companies, but I did this because I feel you have an exceptional company with excellent product. Although I had alot of questions, you were truly professional and patient through the entire buying process. Many thanks to your whole team for exceeding my every expectation and by the way... the Mustang looks fantastic!
P.S. Put me on your mailing list for the next  time you come across a really nice 68 Fastback.

Todd Halperin
Chicago IL.

Re: 69 F6 Super Bee Aug/19/2011
I just wanted to thank everyone for such a good vehicle purchasing experience. The restoration of the Super Bee is of the highest quality and the factory documentation that came with the car is worth it's weight in gold! I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again and feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Bryan Singer
Omaha, NE

Re: 1970  FC7 Hemi Cuda Oct/10/ 2011
I was searching for the right 70 Hemi Cuda for some time and when I came across the FC7 Hemi Cuda at Detroit60 my first thought was wow! Upon flying in from New York, I met the staff and after going over the car it looked even better than it did on the website. Just gorgeous. The shipping was arranged for me and the Cuda arrived at my house in a little over a week in perfect (detailed) condition. Thanks to everyone at Detroit60, a very happy customer!

Frank C. Greenberg
Buffalo, New York

Re: 70 GTO Convertible. The GTO arrived on Thursday and it looks fantastic! Thanks to everyone at Detroit60 for being so helpful and forthright in the sale. I would like to include a thanks to the transport company that delivered my car to me on time and on the day promised. A happy customer and I hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Peter Lahey
Toronto Ontario, Canada

Recently (Feb/2011) I had the pleasure of purchasing a beautiful 72 Pantera from Detroit60.  All phases of my buying experience were outstanding including the delivery of the car right to my driveway that same week.  To say the least, our expectations were met.  Well done!

Dave & Maureen Scott
Chula Vista, CA

Re:66 Shelby GT350. Thanks for going the extra mile for me in selling me the Shelby. You guys really rolled out the red carpet for me in arranging the transportation to my door and having all the paperwork and documentaton for the car in perfect order as promised. The car was like new as described and actually exceeded my expectations. Thanks again and I hope to see you at the Vegas Shelby Bash this coming January.

Rick Crane
Seattle Washington.

I'm sending you an Email to thank you for holding the Lucerne Blue 70 Trans Am for me until I arrived on Friday. I also appreciate you allowing me to inspect my car prior to purchasing at your beautiful facility in Vancouver. The car turned out to be even better than I expected and the entire purchasing experience was a pleasure.

Steven C. Graham
Fresno, California

Thanks to the staff at Detroit 60 for letting me know that they had a 70 Boss Mustang arriving in early May. I let Gary know that I was looking for a Grabber Yellow 70 Boss and this car fit my needs perfectly. After purchasing, the car arrived to me in less than a week and was pristine as described on the website. A very happy customer!

Mike Absry
Los Angeles, California

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "thank you".  I received the '67 Chevelle and it is everything you said.  I am thrilled with the car and found you a pleasure to deal with.  I would have no hesitation working with you in the future or recommending your company to others.  Kind regards,

Danny Burnstein, Columbia, SC

I was looking to purchase another Camaro to pair with my '68 SS when I came across a Daytona Yellow '69 Z28 Camaro at Detroit60 in March of 2008.  I purchased the car sight unseen that week and everything about the purchase was nothing less than first class including the car that was flawless as described.  I would also like to add a thanks to Fed Ex for delivering my car to me on time and in perfect condition. Sincerely,

Kevin Perry, Pheonix, AZ

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet you on the phone and finally in person when I flew in to see and drive the GTX.  Since purchasing, everyone who's seen my car has made it a point to tell me they have never seen a better restored GTX.  From the delivery to the condition of the car, I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Jeff Chadsworth, Boston, Mass

Just thought I would send you an email to  let you know that the Roadrunner is here with me in Austin.  The car is in beautiful condition and thanks for including the factory pre-delivery mats as promised.  I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Ken Vasquez, Austin, TX

Received the Chevelle on Monday the 20th.  The car is incredible as described and I even crawled under the car and everything looks brand new!  The transport company delivered the car a day ahead of schedule and aside from a little dust, it arrived in perfect condition.  I'll contact you tomorrow to give Gary the address to send the picture package.

Tony Harris, Lyndhurst, NJ

Please let the staff know that I really appreciate everyone's professional assistance in my purchase of the Mustang.  I finally had an opportunity to take it out yesterday and it runs as good as it looks.  Thanks again and keep in touch.

Patrick Hollins, Jacksonville, FLA


Can you arrange shipping for my car?
Do you offer vehicle financing?
Do you offer on site appraisals?
Where do you find your inventory?
Do you accept trades?
Can you locate a car for me that's not on your website?
Your photography and presentation is the best I've seen who does this for you?

Q: Can you arrange shipping for my  car?
A: Yes, we can arrange enclosed door to door shipping to anywhere in North America or worldwide.
The buyer is responsible for the transport cost and local taxes.

Q: Do you offer vehicle  financing?
A: No, we do not offer in house financing however we can recommend a classic car finance company to suit your needs. Contact us for details.

Q: Do you offer on site  appraisals?
A: Yes, we work with two certified appraisers. All we request is 24hrs prior notice to schedule an appraisal.

Q: Where do you find your  inventory?
A: We locate our inventory from private collections, large car shows and various related events. We also attend venues such as Barrett Jackson and Pebble Beach which keeps our hand on the current pulse of the specialty car market.

Q: Do you accept  trades?
A: Rarely, but on occasion we'll accept a trade if it makes fiscal sense for both parties. If you have a #1 or high #2 car of equal value, feel free to contact our sales staff at 604 617 2225 with your details.

Q: Can you locate a car for me that's not on your  website?
A: Absolutely, we have access to a large volume of  specialty cars, so if you don't see it on our website we'll likely be able to locate it for you.

Q: Your photography and presentation is the best I've seen who does this for  you?
A: All of our photography is done in house using a Nikon D3X combined with old fashioned attention detail.

Some of our cars have been featured in magazines....


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