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1968 Bullitt Mustang


1968 BULLITT MUSTANG TRIBUTE, 289, Top Loader 4 speed, fast ratio steering, Disc brakes, Competition handling package, Limited Slip, buckets, interior light package, Philco AM/FM, Lecarra leather wheel, tinted glass, Sport Deck rear seat, retractable seat belts, dual chrome mirrors, American Racing Torque Thrust D's, Cobra springs, turn signal hood, dual speed wipers, front bumper guards, Magnaflow stainless H -pipe exhaust, Highland Green, Black interior.

Warner Brothers wrote the book on how to produce a killer street car with the creation of the iconic Bullitt Mustang. Absolutely immaculate wouldn't begin to describe the condition level of this particular Bullitt tribute that's been rotisserie restored with meticulous attention to detail paid to every nut and bolt adding up to a car that looks, runs and drives nothing less than as new. Restoration hi -lights for this Fastback include; mile deep PPG Base Clear paint finish, detailed undercarraige, like new interior, rebuilt original drivetrain and show quality exterior chrome and stainless to name a few. And along with show level detail, this is a turn-key car in every way (restored 2014/2015) with everything mechanically sorted and in nothing less than perfect working order right through to it's Philco AM/FM radio.

The 1968 Steve McQueen Bullitt Mustang was a high octane/fast handling combo platter that was as close to a race car in street clothing you could get. This particular Tribute has a big box of performance bells and whistles some of which include; HD suspension, quick ratio steering, Top Loader transmission, Kelsey Hayes front Disc brakes, Shelby coils, crossover aluminized dual exhaust, limited slip axle, balanced 289 engine and Torque Thrust II wheels name a few with everything restored accurate to it's original door warranty tag from it's Top Loader 4 speed right down to it's Highland Green color. As well from an originality standpoint you won't find a better 68 Fastback that retains it's original numbers matching Metuchen drivetrain, Ford issue door tag and original 1968 point of purchase bill of sale to confirm it's factory issue option codes. This particular 2+2 is part of a private West Coast collection that's housed in a climate controlled facility and includes receipts and references for restoration work completed from drivetrain to paint. Craftmanship, drivability, authenticity and unrelenting attention to detail combine to make for one of the absolute nicest examples of a 1968 Mustang Fastback you'll find anywhere for the money. An awesome addition to any early Mustang collection for the serious buyer only. Included with the sale is all related documentation. No trades, inspections welcomed. private sale by appointment only. Our service team will ensure that your car will leave to you turn key and professionaly detailed with all the necessary paperwork to register the car anywhere in North America. Buyers are always encouraged to call us direct to answer questions or to assist with purchase arrangements at (604) 617 2225 or Email us at  Terms and conditions: Vehicle is sold as is with no warranty implied unless otherwise stated in the description. SOLD

An icon of sixties cool, the 68 Bullitt Fastback remains one of the most recognizable movie cars on the planet. Restored to the max and aside from aftermarket wheels, this Mustang is numbers matching and accurate to the way it left the showroom floor right through to it's Highland Green color.

For the driver who liked to finess the road the 1968 289/4 speed Fastback was a balanced street package that lost nothing to the big block version in terms of handling and drivability. This particular Bullitt is a verified corner carver thanks in part to Cobra coils, quicker ratio steering, factory HD handling package, Disc brakes, lightweight wheels and Limited Slip rear axle.

The fitment and panel alignment on this particular Mustang is absolutely arrow straight end to end highlited by a PPG Highland Green paint finish that looks like a virtual house of mirrors right through to the underside of the hood. Show quality chrome, pristine Carlite exterior glass and all new Torque thrust D wheels and hardware complete an exterior package that looks nothing short of outstanding.

From an originality standpoint you won't find a more documented 68 Mustang 2+2 that  retains it's original Metuchen issue drivetrain, door warranty tag, original point of purchase bill of sale and assorted dealership promotional paperwork. This Fastback was purchased new at Doty Ford Sales on March 15 1968 and made it's way to Plano Texas where it remained until 2010 when it made it's way to Vancouver. As well this is a collector owned, showroom stored car that includes receipts and references for all restoration work completed. All of these pictues were taken on Aug/21/2018. Feel free to contact us for further information @ 604 617 2225 or Email

Show quality restored in it's original 2A option Black Standard, this interior looks as good as it did the day it left the showroom floor in March 1968 with everything functional down to the last interior light. This office is pretty much accessorized for fast forward on the pavement with options limited to; Disc brakes, Sebring leather wheel, 19:1 steering, fold down rear seat, courtesy light package, retractable seat belts, Philco AM/FM radio and Top Loader 4 speed.

This is the original numbers matching C Code Challenger 289 for this car that's been professionaly rebuilt close to factory standards while still retaining all of it's original engine hardware down to it's exhaust manifolds. Every other aspect of this particular drivetrain is original to the car from it's Top Loader transmission right back to it's Limited Slip rear axle.

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