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69 Black Dodge Dart SWINGER


 1969 DODGE DART SWINGER, LM23P, 340/275HP, Hurst 4 speed, 3:55 Suregrip, power steering, HD suspension, tinted glass, deluxe wood wheel, remote mirror, chrome exhaust tips, simulated mag wheel covers, performance hood, Redline tires, wheel lip moldings, headrests, Music Master AM radio, 2 speed wipers, day/night mirror, dual rear speakers, retractable seat belts, R4 Performance Red, Black interior, Black vinyl top, Black Bumblebee stripe.

Dodge Division's Scat Pack performance brigade was on it's A game in 1969 with the production of the iconic Dart Swinger 340. Professionaly restored with absolutely no expense spared and accurate to its window sticker right through to it's Redline tires, this is one of the nicest examples of a genuine 1969 Dart Swinger you'll find anywhere. All of the high standards you would expect to find on a top end restoration are evident on this particular Scat Pack dream some of which include; Show quality PPG Base Clear/ceramic coat finalized paint finish, all new Year One interior, perfect date coded tinted glass, triple plate chrome, new vinyl top, highly detailed undercarraige and professionaly rebuilt drivetrain to name a few. And along with it's immaculate condition level this is a turn -key, show miles only car, with everything mechanically sorted and nothing less than perfect working order right down to it's Solid State AM radio.

It didn't take long for Chrysler to respond to the Pony Car challenge of the late sixties with the launch of the compact rocket Dodge Dart Swinger 340. This particular Swinger checks a big list of performance and convenience options some of which include; S77 Power steering, LA 340 engine, D21 4 speed, HD suspension, 3:55 Suregrip axle, woodgrain steering wheel, W18 simulated mag wheels, Red Streak tires, chrome exhaust tips, wheel lip moldings, G11 tinted glass, variable wipers, performance hood, Music Master AM radio and desirable R4 Performance Red exterior color to name a few. As well this is an original Hamtramck built Swinger that includes it's window sticker to comfirm it's factory options and original point of purchase dealership at Garrity Motor Sales in Hamtramck Michigan. And this is a West Coast, collector owned, showroom housed car that retains most of it's original issue sheet metal, Hamtramck fender tag, original owners manual, liscence plate and includes picture documentation and receipts for restoration work completed. If craftmanship, originality and absolute attention to detail are check marks on your classic car shopping list you would be hard-pressed to top this milestone muscle car from Chrysler's Scat Pack performance line up for 1969, the Dodge Dart Swinger 340. A turn -key, show anytime car for the serious buyer. Our service team will ensure that your car will leave to you turn key and professionaly detailed with all the necessary paperwork to register the car anywhere in North America. Buyers are always encouraged to call us direct to answer questions or to assist with purchase arrangements at (604) 617 2225 or Email us at  Terms and conditions: Vehicle is sold as is with no warranty implied unless otherwise stated in the description.  

Dodge Division tossed a big grenade into the muscle car wars of the late 60's with the introduction of their legendary Scat Pack performance car line up. If originality, meticulous attention to detail and long term value count for anything this Dart Swinger is about as good as it gets for anyone looking to own an investment grade show car.

The 340 Swinger was factory built for performance and combined with the Hurst 4 speed turned the Dart into a 13 second quarter mile car right off the showroom floor.  A large portion of the option list on this particular Swinger was ordered in the name of performance and yet for all of it's 0-60 muscle this is a turn-key, near every day driveable street package that runs and drives like an absolute dream with no issues whatsoever.

This is a 2 owner, Hamtramck Michigan sold Dart Swinger that left the assembly line as a factory P Code 340/275HP Swinger and still wears most of it's factory issue sheet metal, fender tag with all body numbers in tact through to the all important front rad support stamp. This particular Swinger has all the hallmarks of an OE restoration with mostly NOS parts used in the build through to the window reveal moldings with everything by the numbers restored right down  to it's W18 simulated mag wheel covers. As well this is a collector owned, climate controlled stored, West Coast car with only show miles driven since completion and includes it's original owners manual, window sticker, service manual and receipts for restoration work completed. Feel free to contact us for further information in regards to this Swinger 340 @ (604) 617-2225 or email

The fit and panel alignment on this particular Dart is nothing short of perfect that's show cased in a PPG Base/Clear/ceramic coat finalized paint finish that's world class right through to the underside of the trunk lid. Perfect exterior glass, show quality triple plate chrome and all new exterior stainless finalize an exterior package that literally looks like a rolling house of mirrors.

The lightweight Dart 340 delivered big league performance and an image that fit right in to Dodge Division's Scat Pack marketing campaign for 1969. This particular Swinger is optioned similar to the car featured in the 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger sales brochure.

Show quality restored via Year One in it's correct D2X Black you have to reach to find a a single flaw in the current condition level of this particular interior that's showroom new from headliner to carpet. This office checks all of the requisite Swinger bells and whistles with options that include, G11 tinted glass complete, Hurst 4 speed, deluxe wood wheel, remote mirror and S77 power steering to name a few with everything functional and in nothing less than perfect working order right through to it's original Music Master pushbutton AM radio.

The premium fuel LA 340 was a performance built engine that featured high-lift cam,10:25.1 compression, windage tray and specialized heads to name a few that brought 275HP and 340 ft lbs of torque to the party. Although not the original 340 for the car this is a date code Feb/1970 LA 340, casting number 2780930-340 that's been professionally rebuilt close to stock standards while retaining it's factory issue magnum internals down to it's forged steel crank with everything sitting in an absolutely pristine engine bay. Every other aspect of this drivetrain is original to the car from it's A833 transmission right back to it's Suregrip axle.

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